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Feb. 8, 2007
Press Release: Bush Once Again Proposes to Sell National Forest Lands

Press Release Contact: Becky Denney 314-645-3394

Hidden deep within President Bush’s FY08 Budget submittal to Congress was a proposal to raise funds to assist rural school districts by selling National Forest Lands.

The proposal was changed a bit from an earlier one. The current administrative proposal is that 50% of the proceeds are to be returned to the county in which the sale of public lands occurs. Over 21,000 acres of the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri would be sold under the Bush plan.

“While we agree that funding rural school districts is a worthy endeavor, the Bush Administration must find some other way to do this,” stated Becky Denney, Conservation Chair of the Missouri Sierra Club. “This proposal was opposed by the Republican leadership when they had control of the US House and Senate. It was opposed vociferously by the leaders of the Democrat party.”
“It was a dumb idea originally, and it is a dumb idea now,” continued Denney. “We opposed it then and we oppose it now. Given the bi-partisan opposition in DC, we doubt this will go anywhere, but we’ll be watching.”