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December 26,  2006
Press Release: Clean Water Commission illegal – Blunt has appointed 3 Republicans despite state law

The Ozark (MO) Chapter of the Sierra Club examined copies of letters signed by governors Blunt, Holden and Carnahan, looked over the current composition of the Clean Water Commission (CWC) and perused Chapter 644.021 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMO). It became apparent that the composition of the CWC is not in compliance with state law pertaining to the membership and composition of the CWC. Ch. 644.021 RSMO clearly states that no more than 3 members shall be of the same political party.

According to information reviewed, the composition, political affiliation, appointing Governor and expiration of term (as stated in the letters from the Governors to the Secretary of State):
-Jan Tupper - Republican (Blunt - Apr. 2007)
-William Easley, Jr. - Republican (Blunt - Apr. 2010)
-Ronald Hardecke - Republican (Blunt - Apr. 2010 )
-Kristin Perry - Republican (Holden - Apr. 2008)
-Daniel Johanningmeier - identified as a Democrat (Blunt – Apr. 2010) 
(NOTE - Gov. Blunt has told the media that this person's name will NOT be submitted to the Senate for confirmation, but the letter from Blunt indicates that appointment has been made. Johanningmeier was identified as “Democrat” in Gov. Blunt’s letter, but Johanningmeier was involved in the Re-Elect Talent campaign, which indicates he is a Republican).
-Thomas Herrmann - Democrat (Carnahan - Apr. 2004)
-Davis Minton - Democrat - (Holden - Apr. 2008)

Attorneys are researching this matter to determine if all actions taken by the non-complying Commission are null and void. The Attorney General’s office has been notified.

“It is clear that the political makeup of the Clean Water Commission does not comply with state law. Governor Matt Blunt should have appointed a Democrat or a person affiliated with some other non-Republican political party or non-partisan (Independent) person. Instead, he appointed 3 Republicans – maybe 4 - and is clearly out of compliance with the state statutes,” stated Ken Midkiff, Conservation Chair of the Ozark (MO) Chapter of the Sierra Club. “What is not clear is whether or not this invalidates actions taken by the Commission while it was illegally composed. If research determines that the CWC does not meet, and has not met, the statutory definition, it could mean that there is and for some time has been, NO CWC.”