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Dec. 16, 2004
Polluters Attempt To Rewrite Missouri Environmental Laws

The assertions made by Associated Industries of Missouri in a press release dated December 15, 2004 that Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) has worked to the detriment of the state and does not contribute to an improved environment are ridiculous and completely self-serving! In their press release AIM brazenly leads the pack for 

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has the responsibility to preserve, protect and enhance Missouri's natural resources and work to ensure that we all have clean air, clean water and healthy communities. Missouri ranks 50th in spending per capita on environmental enforcement and regulation, according to Governing Magazine, 2004,  and MDNR’s budget has been cut drastically in recent years to prevent them from holding polluters accountable. AIM’s claim of over regulation is completely untrue!

Republican leadership in Missouri has been working to undermine environmental and community health protections in the state for years. Dismantling the MDNR is their latest effort to protect polluting special interests. Any attempt to dismantle the organization charged with protecting Missouri’s natural resources can only be seen as a blatant attempt by Governor Elect Matt Blunt to pay back polluting special interests.

AIM is once again pushing for the “dirty secrets” bill, legislation that would allow polluting industries to do self-audits and close what might be incriminating records to the public. This puts Missouri communities at significant risk.

“No stricter than federal” legislation abdicates states rights to protect communities and could potentially roll back existing environmental protections across the board.

Missouri legislators should take notice. Sierra Club, working in the public interest, will do everything in their power to hold accountable those promoting this outrageous attack on Missouri’s health and environmental protections.