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October 12, 2004                   Carla Klein, 573-815-9250
                                         Emil Ramirez, 816 – 1400 ext. 14

Report: Clean Energy Policies Would Create 30,250 New Jobs in Missouri
Sierra Club, Steelworkers Ask Why Bush Administration Rejects Clean Energy Policies and the Jobs They Create?

St. Louis, Missouri: A new report released today by the Sierra Club and Steelworkers, shows that a clean energy policy would create 30,250 new jobs in Missouri while saving consumers over $15,373 on their energy bills. The report, “Smarter, Cleaner, Stronger: Secure Jobs, A Clean Environment, and Less Foreign Oil” uses classic economic modeling to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of adopting a cleaner, smarter energy policy: the creation of new American jobs, lower energy bills, and increased protection of our air, water and land. The clean energy policies laid out in the report stand in stark contrast to the Bush administration’s energy plan which does nothing to cut our dependence on foreign oil, cut pollution, or encourage the use of renewable solar or wind power.

“This report shows that there is a better way. A smarter energy plan would create new American jobs, while cleaning up the environment,” said Carla Klein, Chapter Director for the Sierra Club. “Protecting the environment creates jobs, but the Bush administration has rejected both the clean environment and the jobs it will create.”

The Bush administration has put working families and the environment at risk by pursuing a backwards and polluting energy policy. Crafted in secret with energy industry lobbyists, the Bush administration’s energy plan calls for more polluting power plants, more oil and gas drilling on public lands, and billions of dollars in tax breaks to corporate polluters. In addition to pursuing its flawed energy policy, the Bush administration has shown a marked hostility across the board to the environment and workers’ rights.

“This report shows that you cannot separate the interests of workers from a clean and healthy environment,” said Emil Ramirez, District 11 Steelworkers. “That’s why the Steelworkers Union and the Sierra Club are standing together today side by side. It’s great news that Missouri will gain 30,250 jobs from a package of energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy, and clean cars. With this package, we could all be breathing easier.”

The report released today examines a suite of clean energy policies that will increase energy efficiency, renewable energy, and improve fuel economy. A copy of the national report and state profiles are available online at