September 26 2002                  
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Sierra Club Profiles 25 Communities Left At Risk
By Bush Administration’s Environmental Policies

“It is essential that we hold polluters responsible for the toxic messes they create,” stated Carla Klein Ozark Chapter Director for the Sierra Club. Companies that make huge profits from polluting processes that threaten citizen’s health and the environment should continue to supply fees to the Superfund Trust Fund, which is now expected to be out of money by 2004.
The Sierra Club would like to express our profound gratitude to Senator Carnahan who is working to reinstate the Superfund fees. In a recent letter to President Bush, Senator Carnahan and others leaders in the Senate explain, “The polluter should ultimately be responsible for paying for the clean-up at Superfund sites, not the [American] taxpayer.” The letter details that:

Currently, one in four American’s, including 10 million children lives within four miles of a superfund site. The health effects are very real. Toxic chemicals at these sites include arsenic, lead, mercury, even Agent Orange. The agency for toxic Substances and Disease Registry reports that living near a Superfund site is associated with increased birth defects, changes in pulmonary function, neurological damage, and leukemia. Cleaning up Superfund sites is vital to the public health.
We are fortunate in Missouri to have such strong and dedicated leadership as Senator Carnahan and her staff. I would urge Missouri citizens to call Senator Jean Carnahan and thank her for her efforts to ensure that the vital funding for these cleanups remains available, and that it’s the polluter’s that pay, not the American taxpayer.