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For Immediate Release - Jan. 20, 2000


Missouri Sierra Club files Motion to Intervene - citing "fouling of the air, water, and lands".

After the modification of wastewater discharge permits to four large hog operations owned by Premium Standard "Farms"/ContiGroup, Inc (PSF), the corporation filed an appeal with the Missouri Clean Water Commission complaining, among many other things, that the protective conditions and standards in the permits were not suitable for a "no-discharge" system. PSF's administrative appeal contained 48 points of contention, based on this alleged "no-discharge" assertion. PSF's appeal challenges almost every water-quality-protective condition issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). The Sierra Club's Motion refutes and rebuts every point.

The Missouri Sierra Club on Tuesday, Jan. 18, filed with the Missouri Clean Water Commission a Motion to Intervene that challenges PSF's "no discharge" claims. The Sierra Club's Motion states:

"Of particular note: petitioners' allegation that their hog factories are 'no discharge operations' is contrary to fact. These hog factories have had numerous discharges of manure and other pollutants into Missouri streams; the MDNR has issued numerous Notices of Violation; and the Attorney General of Missouri brought an enforcement action to redress the numerous, illegal discharges from these and other petitioners' hog factories."

The Sierra Club was joined in the Motion to Intervene in PSF's Appeal by two rural residents who live nearby to PSF's hog factories. These individuals complain of "foul odors...manure runoff..." and no longer being able to swim and recreate in area streams due to the contamination from hog feces and urine.

"We had concerns when these four permits were re-issued that the conditions were not strict enough to protect the environment and human health around PSF's massive hog operations - and then were appalled when PSF claimed the conditions were burdensome, onerous and unnecessary", stated Ken Midkiff.

"This company seems not to recognize reality - and that reality is that their liquid raw sewage runs downhill and has fouled the waters of the area, and onto neighbors' properties", continued Midkiff.

"Their response is to keep repeating the fabrication that their operations are "no discharge" - as if repetition of a falsehood will somehow make it true", concluded Midkiff. "The bottom line is that if any company in the state needs to be strictly regulated, it is this one."

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