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Nation’s largest environmental organization cites Reeves record, concern for family farmers.

Today, the state and national Sierra Club announced its endorsement and support of Sandra Reeves in her race to take the US House of Representatives seat currently occupied by Pat Danner. Reeves is contesting Danner’s son, Steve, in the Democratic primary.

Melissa Blakley, chair of the Thomas Hart Benton Group (northeast Missouri area) Sierra Club stated:

“We have reviewed the positions and statements of the candidates and find that Sandra Reeves is much more in tune with the values and interests of citizens of northeast Missouri.

“Representative Pat Danner’s record in Congress demonstrates that she did not understand the plight of the family farmer nor the high level of concern of citizens in the 6th District for clean water, clean air and land stewardship.

“While the votes of the mother may not transfer to those of the son, there is little reason to believe otherwise, after reviewing Steve Danner’s record.

“We note that family farm groups in the 6th District have uncovered information about Steve Danner’s support for large agribusiness corporations that have literally run family farmers out of business. In turn, our farmer friends have found that Premium Standard “Farms” and ContiGroup, Inc. have returned the favor by providing funding to Mr. Danner’s campaign.”

Keet Kopecky, chair of the Missouri (Ozark Chapter) Sierra Club, added:

“Sandra Reeves agenda includes strong statements of support for protecting environmentally fragile lands and habitats, stopping the expansion of factory-style agribusinesses, and supporting sustainable family farms. We find these positions environmentally and economically sound and totally in keeping with the values of citizens of northeast Missouri. Keeping family farmers on the land is one of our goals. Sandra Reeves understands these values; Steve Danner doesn’t.

“We also find it refreshing that Sandra Reeves supports Campaign Finance Reform – taking the influence of money out of politics. With this change, agri-business corporations would no longer be able to provide the large amounts of money to campaigns such as those of Steve Danner.

“Finally, Sandra Reeves is a strong proponent of efficient and safe modes of transportation, and a supporter of seeking funding for a light rail system in the Kansas City metropolitan area.