Michael Berg

Conservation Lobby Day Comes to Jefferson City
February 29, 2012

Sierra Club Members at Conservation Lobby Day

On Wednesday, February 29, the Missouri Sierra Club joined forces with other environmental organizations statewide to lobby our legislators on issues that concern all of us, including:

  • Regulation of coal ash waste;

  • The enactment of an energy effciency standard for Missouri; and

  • Stopping Cost of Work In Progress (CWIP) legislation, which would force utility rate payers to invest in a possible new nuclear power reactor at Callaway

During this day around 100 informed and passionate citizen activists met face to face with 160 Missouri legislators for discussions on these issues. This is exactly what our elected officials need to makes sure that they remember for whom they are working. Before the meetings Representatives Margo McNeil, Jason Holsman and Zach Wyatt spoke to the group.

Rep. McNeil

Rep. Holtsman

Rep. Wyatt

Entire Group on the Capitol Steps

2012 Conservation Lobby Day was organized by the Missouri Conservation and Environmental Alliance. This is a coaltion of the Missouri Sierra Club, Missouri Votes Conservation, the Missouri Coalition for the the Environment, Environment Missouri, Audubon Missouri, the Conservation Federation of Missouri, the Eastern Ozarks Forestry Council, the Missouri Parks Association, the Missouri stream Team Watershed Coalition, Renew Missouri and the U.S. Green Building Council - Missouri Gateway Chapter.