Schedule for Missouri Chapter Executive Committee (ExCom) Elections
Dec 2012 Election

Sat Aug. 18 - Appointed Nominating Committee (at least 4 months before close of election, therefore 8.31.12 deadline). Appointed an Elections Committee which is responsible for counting ballots. Deb Geno ( was chosen as Elections Committee Chair.

Tues, Sept 25– put election calendar on chapter website, along with info on how to contact the nominating committee & to be a petition candidate.

Thurs, Oct. 4 – deadline for receipt of names for consideration by the Nominating Committee (email Caroline Pufalt at to nominate a candidate).

Weds, Oct. 17 – (deadline at least 5 wks before ballot is mailed = 10.24) Nominating Committee to report to the ExCom with a list of nominees for the Chapter ExCom. Nominating Committee must inform those who asked to be nominated, but were not nominated.

Weds, Oct. 24 – preliminary deadline for nominees to submit a 250 word nominating statement with photo to run in Chapter Newsletter.

Weds, Oct. 31 – deadline for petition candidates to submit a petition including at least 15 Chapter members in good standing to propose this candidate in writing. Petitions should be mailed the Chapter office, 7164 Manchester, St. Louis, MO 63143. Submit 250 word nominating statement with photo.

Weds, Nov 14 – Produce list of eligible voters (to mailhouse), newsletter w/ ballots to printer.

Weds, Nov. 28 – Ballots will be mailed to all current members in Missouri (as part of the Chapter newsletter). Members should have at least 4 weeks within which to cast their ballot.

Mon, Dec. 31 – deadline for ballots to be received.

Sat, Jan. 5, 2013 - Ballot counting @ Sierra Club office. Contact Deb Geno ( for more information.