Michael Berg

Sierra Club Hires Chapter Director to Expand Missouri Program

The Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club has hired a Chapter Director in order to expand the campaign activity of its almost 9,000 Club members in the state. The new Director, John Hickey, assumed his new post this week, working out of the Chapter headquarters in St. Louis. Mr. Hickey’s past accomplishments include founding the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, and acting as its Executive Director for 17 years. He has also served for the last year as the Political Chair for the Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club, where he helped lead the passage of an April 2010 measure in St. Louis County to increase funding for mass transit.

“Missourians, like most Americans, want more jobs, less pollution and greater security. Even though Big Oil and corporate polluters were able to spend record amounts of money to attempt to buy a more compliant Congress, the Sierra Club has no intention of ceding America’s future to Big Oil”, explains Missouri Chapter Chair Jim Turner of Kirksville. “Instead, we are expanding our efforts to build a clean energy economy that provides good jobs for American workers. Hiring a Chapter Director will expand our capacity to mobilize our membership in all corners of our state.”

“Sierra Club members across Missouri are ready to fight in order to make progress at the federal, state, and local levels to build a clean energy economy. I am proud to join this organization of committed citizens,” commented new Chapter Director John Hickey. “The overwhelming support that Missouri voters gave to Proposition C in 2008, to mandate renewable energy standards for electric utilities, shows that our citizens understand that investing in a clean energy economy is the best way to create good jobs and to reduce pollution. The Sierra Club will make sure that the public voice is heard, and is not overwhelmed by corporate-funded shadow groups that use anonymous attack ads to distort our democratic system.”